Biography and Social Art is a holistic approach to healing. It inspires one to answer the age-old questions: Who am I and What is the meaning of my life. By researching one’s life in a safe atmosphere we gain a new perspective on our past, ask questions of our future and enliven the present with an appreciation of the inherent meaning unfolding in our life story.

Through this work we develop our capacity to listen and to receive the gift of being heard. It’s a paradox— the more we learn about others the more we understand about ourselves, because each person brings a piece of the universal puzzle— we all share this existence, but we experience it uniquely.

Facilitator, Susan West Kurz

This process of turning over memories — revealed an incredible life story full of funny, mundane, heart wrenching and soulful experiences that helped me appreciate who I am and where I am headed in life. It brings me great joy to now share this process with people from so many walks of life, guiding them as they step into their life story and building healthier perspective and relationships along the way.

As a certified biography facilitator, I work with parents, teachers, therapists, writers, professionals working in recovery or anyone who is interested in their own inner development and ancestry.

Through several careers over the past forty- eight years, I have been dedicated to sharing a holistic approach to healing, to business, and to bringing Biodynamic principles and Anthroposophy to the public.

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