Step into your life | Uncover your story

Biography work embraces an experiential approach to understanding human development. We use fairy tales, biography exercises, artistic activities and nature observation to evoke memories that we can then map across the phases of life. By taking a deeper look into our own story, we can find the answers to some of the most fundamental questions about life and its purpose.

Social art describes biography as it is practiced in relationship with others. We share and evolve our stories in real time as we tell them, and benefit from listening to the stories of others. It’s a paradox- the more we learn about others the more we understand about ourselves. Each person brings to this relationship a piece of the universal puzzle- we all share this existence but we experience it uniquely.

As a certified biography facilitator, I work with parents, teachers, therapists, writers, professionals working in recovery or anyone who is interested in their own inner development and ancestry.

Through several careers over the past forty eight years, I have been dedicated to sharing a holistic approach to healing, to business, and to bringing Biodynamic principles and Anthroposophy to the public.

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