Your life is a Work of Art

After writing my first memoir a friend said to me, “I didn’t know you were famous?!”

To which I replied, “You don’t know how interesting your life is.”

Every life is a work of art. Each person has a unique story waiting to be uncovered and it is deeply important to share our stories so we can learn from each other. It’s a paradox- the more we learn about others the more we understand about ourselves, because each person brings a piece of the universal puzzle- we all share this existence but we experience it uniquely.

I began this journey of uncovering my own story through Biography + Social Art. This process of turning over memories, some I thought had been long forgotten, revealed an incredible life story full of funny, mundane, heart wrenching and soulful experiences that helped me appreciate who I am and where I am headed in life.   

For those of you new to Biography- this process embraces an experiential approach to understanding human development. We use fairy tales, biography exercises, artistic activities and nature observation to evoke memories that we can then map across the phases of life. By taking a deeper look into our own story, we can find the answers to some of the most fundamental questions about life and its purpose.

It brings me great joy to now share Biography work with people from so many walks of life, guiding them as they step into their life story and building healthier perspective and relationships along the way.

As a biography facilitator, I work with parents, teachers, therapists, writers, professionals working in recovery or anyone who is interested in their own inner development and ancestry.

Beginning this Summer 2021 I will be offering online introductory workshops. Info will be posted on the Services page soon!

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation you can reach me by email at


Susan West Kurz

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