Life Cycles

Setting the stage: What did your world look like?

Geographically- country, landscape, language, climate, etc.

Time – What year is it? What was going on in the world?

Home- House/apartment? Did you move? What was your neighborhood like?

Family- Lg/Sm family/extended, siblings, birth order, family situation, parents, family mood.

MOON | Ages 0-7

What’s your earliest memory?

Did unusual events occur during this time?

What activities do you remember? (with family, friends, or alone)

What was a happy/safe place for you? or person?

Do you remember specific feelings from this time (wonder, fear, jealousy, joy, anger)

Can you see what strengths and limitations this early childhood developed?

MERCURY | Ages 7-14

What were your family commandments, standards or guiding principles?

What were the structures of guidance during this time? How was discipline handled in your family, in school?

Did you have a best friend/s during this time? Did friends come to your house? You to theirs?

Rituals /Celebrations?

What activities did you do during this time? Games, hobbies, sports, pastimes, creative endeavors?

What was your health like?

Can you see what strengths and limitations developed during this time?

VENUS | Ages 14-21

Was there a person/ people who made a strong impression on you during these years?

Describe some ideals that arose for you during this time, where did they come from?

Did you move during this time? Continue your education or start working?

How did you experience your changing body?

How did you experience romantic/ intimate relationships.

Describe your circle of friends, what brought you together?

Did you have a private space- physically/psychologically? Was there someone you could talk to?

What was your self-image like? How was that validated or countered by the people/world around you?

What responsibilities did you carry? What decisions did you have to make?

What strengths or limitations in your later life do you imagine developed during these years?