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Individual Consultations

I work one on one with you, using biographical exercises that prompt you to step into your own life from a new perspective. Whether you are experiencing a major life transition and questioning how to navigate uncertain times and difficult choices, or perhaps you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships and the events in your life. Biography coaching guides you back to yourself and to the source of your own strength.

Parents + Families

For parents and families, this can be a wonderful bonding experience to share and listen to the stories of loved ones and perhaps learn something new about each other. I have found this work to be uniquely helpful in navigating some of the struggles of parenting, childhood, and family dynamics. Through games, art, and story it offers a fun and meaningful way to connect.


Professional development for any profession. For business owners looking to foster community within the workplace, I offer workshops customized to meet your goals. Exercises are tailored to encourage employees and employers to appreciate their own and each others strengths and limitations while practicing the interpersonal skills to build healthy working relationships.


Working with teachers one on one or in groups, we look to the life cycles of early childhood and emerging adulthood to gain a deeper understanding of our students. Understanding the challenges and motivations of each life cycle allows us the opportunity to meet students where they are and better support their educational goals.

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” Susan Kurz took me on a gentle adventure of self-discovery. At her workshop, she created  an atmosphere that felt loving, safe, comfortable and beautiful.  In a creative and engaging way, she helped me to learn about my authentic self which has enlightened my journey going forward in my life.  She is a skilled professional who embodies her work and deeply cares for the well being of others.” – Melissa Mastrostefano, LICSW, CGRMS

“My interest in BSA and Anthroposophy began following the sudden death of my son which triggered a personal existential crisis. I was trapped in grief, on a quest to find meaning to life. Researching my life through the BASA Model helped me gain perspective of overarching personal themes that repeat despite the changing phases. In hindsight, I am in gratitude for gifts and opportunities which seemingly “fell” into my lap – but in actuality seem more like a “musical refrain” if life is compared to a song. Notable accomplishments were hard earned through perseverance and sweat. Misfortunes and heartbreak seem contained within an understandable context. My grief continues, but it has placement within the overall scheme. Nothing is the same, yet all is as it will be. Having Susan listen to my personal story, expertly holding the investigation within the framework of BASA was a unique experience. I have never openly shared so many life details before. I felt safe and honored to be able to share. I am usually the listener, therefore talking and sharing about myself felt self-centered; but also, cathartic. Thank you for the opportunity!”  -Karen Gostenhofer

“Well done, Susan!  Wonderful program and fine facilitator. We are enriched.” –Vidar Haaland Painter Westport MA

“Thanks, Susan, for giving us both…. yesterday. I have not ever felt so open to hearing words of growth presented so easily(seemingly) by you. I wanted to hear what you thought and take whatever I absorbed naturally…. without any forgone conclusions. I am naturally open and eager to learn on my own…. but, without recognizing it, I have entered far too many things with a resistance I have named “don’t really want to go there”. Yesterday, every moment was like breathing…. aware of others in the room too and not wanting to shy away or pass judgement…. though a smidge popped through when people were late or seemed to enjoy the sound of their own words for longer than I would have rambled on…ah sweet humanity…. Thanks, Susan for your easy approach to sharing information in a way that made me eager to accept thought…” – Betsey Lamonte Haaland, Painter, Nuno feltier, Assemblage artist Westport MA