AGES 21-28

How did you experience your 21st year?  Were there new people, new activities, new places that came into your life?

What did you care about?  What were you interests? ideals?  How did you pursue them?  How did you experience truth?

How did you spend your free time?  Vacations?  Did you travel in these years?

What kind of work(s) did you do?  Was it fulfilling?

Did you feel your studies were leading you in the right direction?  Did you feel something was leading you?

Did you discover new capacities? What opportunities came your way?

Did you meet new limitations?  What opportunities, challenges and difficulties came your way and how did you meet them?

*Who opened doors for you?  What doors were closed?

What kinds of relationships did you have?  Did you live with others?  With a partner?  Did you have children?

What feedback about yourself did you receive from others? (friends, family, colleagues, strangers…)

How did you feel about yourself during these years?  What feelings were predominant in you?

What was your relationship to money?  To art? religion? nature?

Describe any changes in your outer or inner life around the 27th-28th year.

How was your health?

Did you move often in these years?

What strengths or limitations for later life do you imagine resulted from this period?

AGES 28-35

How was your entry to this phase?

What was your living situation? your work?

Did you find yourself taking stock of your goals and life choices? At about what age?  If so, what did you discover? 

How did you relate to and balance different sides of yourself — such as relationship-family / career, or masculine / feminine, outer world / inner world …?

Did you take note in some way of the habits and rhythms of your life?  How?

How did you relate to your feeling life?  To your thought life?  To your deeds in the world?

How did making plans fit into your life now?  The setting of long term goals?  To making commitments? (relationships, mortgages, work, possessions …)

Were there any major shifts or changes in this phase? (work, home, relationships ….)

Who opened doors for you in these years?  Were there doors that closed?

What was your relationship to truth? to philosophy/ideas? to words?

Did you keep a journal?

Did you feel you were gaining new objectivity and discrimination? Was it warm or cool?

Were you tolerant of others or fond of your own ideas?

How was your health?

What was your relationship to money? art? nature? religion?

How was the end of this phase?  Was there anything significant about your 35th year?

What strengths or limitations for later life do you imagine resulted from this phase?

AGES 35 – 42

How did you enter this phase? 

Did you experience differences in your sense of yourself during these years?  Were you aware of differences in your picture of yourself and how others experienced you?

Did you experience more self-evaluation than in earlier years?  If so, did this lead you to make life changes?  In what realms? (behaviors, interests, work, relationships…)

Did you find yourself feeling stuck in old patterns or acting in ways that were at odds with your beliefs?

Were there new levels of emotions encountered?  How are they experienced?

Was there a persistent inner voice?  What does it say?

How was your life of relationship?  What relationships were important to you?  Were there major changes?

What activities brought life?  Which did not?  Did you experience changes in attitude or appreciation in this realm?

Did you notice changes in your desire or ability to accept yourself or others?

Did forgiveness enter or play a new role in your life?  In what way?

How was your health?  Any significant changes in your physical body?  How did you relate to the aging process during these years?  How did you anticipate your 40’s?

How did you experience your possibilities and limitations?  To what were you willing to commit?

What was your relationship to art?  nature?  religion?  money? sexuality?

Major outer events – moves, deaths, accidents, etc.?

Were there any particular events, meetings, changes or openings (inner or outer) between 37 and 38?

What strengths or limitations for later life do you imagine resulted from this phase?